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Joma Sport unveils limited-edition shoe for Durban Marathon


Joma Sport, the official technical sponsor of the Durban International Marathon, has unveiled an exclusive limited-edition event shoe.

That’s for the race that will take place next year on Sunday the 28th of April.

“We are thrilled to announce Joma’s role as the technical sponsor of the Durban International Marathon,” said Roger Noades, Director of Joma South Africa. “This prestigious marathon serves as an ideal platform for Joma to introduce its top tier running footwear to the KZN running community. Our aim is to provide a tried, tested, and reputable international choice in technical footwear at an incredibly competitive price point, delivering unmatched value to runners of all levels.”


The colour scheme of the shoe “draws inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Durban, a place for exploration, adventure, and serenity,” said a statement. “From its pristine beaches to the lush greenery, Durban’s natural beauty serves as the foundation for the design. The cool, tranquil cyan blue seamlessly merges with the invigorating vibrancy of lemon and lime, reflecting the city’s balance of calmness and vitality. The shoe’s design incorporates a motif of shields, symbolizing the rich history and heritage of the province – a land of warriors that now stand at the starting line of one of South Africa’s most prestigious international marathons – #WeRunDurban.”

“The Joma R-2000 has been carefully chosen as the official footwear for the Durban International Marathon, representing Joma’s most comprehensive, versatile, and comfortable shoe innovation to date,” said Noades. “Our objective is to cater to the diverse needs of all runners, ensuring they experience ultimate comfort during their journey.”

“We are proud to join the ranks of esteemed international events such as the Paris 20k, Ibiza Marathon, Rome Marathon, Porto Marathon, Firenze/Florence Marathon and the Madrid Half Marathon by introducing a performance-focused limited edition Joma event shoe,” said Steve Mkasi, Chairman of the Race and Local Organizing Committee for the Durban International Marathon.

The limited-edition 2024 Durban International Marathon event shoe will retail for R2200 in the South African market, but when entering the 2024 event online, runners can purchase the shoe at a discounted rate of R1499.

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