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DUKE Group Launches CHAMP Sponsorship Agency

The DUKE Group has announced the launch of a new sponsorship marketing agency, called CHAMP.

It joins the group as one of its specialist agencies.  

CHAMP will be led by Managing Director Meagan Fester, with support from Chairman Marc Tudhope.

“Despite the current global uncertainty, this is such an exciting time for both brands and consumers,” says Fester. “At CHAMP, we are focused on the connection point between brands and consumers. We see this as the key differentiator moving forward and have already done a lot of work in understanding how best to integrate the services of the group to clients’ benefit. Our aim is to offer brands a hand in finding the right moments, messages and channels to connect with their consumers with relevance. Our value lies in creating the connection point between the brand and the consumer and building meaningful relationships through the content we create and curate.”

The Duke Group is made up of three owner-managed agencies – DUKE, Mark 1 and Positive Dialogue Communications.

“We’ve been on a winning strategic growth path and our decision to create CHAMP is a natural progression for the group,” says CEO Wayne Naidoo. “Adding specialist sponsorship services to our offering was always a milestone on our journey, and it adds a fantastic dimension to helping brands find success in increasingly demanding and changeable times.”

In his role of CHAMP Chairman, London-based Marc Tudhope looks forward to a renewed connection to the SA sponsorship scene. 

“After more than 25 years in the industry, it’s inspiring to work with a new-generation sponsorship agency such as CHAMP, which has the ability, through the skills within the group, to provide creative solutions for brands to  connect with consumers in the environment of meaningful events, series and occasions,” he says.

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