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Hollard Pays Tribute to Sport Industry Awards Entrants

The sponsor of the 2020 South African Sport Industry Awards has released a statement, paying tribute to those industry members who play such an important role in bringing us the sport we love.

“The South African story is strongly rooted in sport, it is one of the glues that keep us united even though we are different. No one can tell a truly South African story without recalling the country’s support of the Springboks when Siya Kolisi and his men brought the World Cup trophy home, or Bennie McCarthy’s famous stint with TKZee celebrating Bafana Bafana, or holding our collective breaths as Caster Semenya approached the finish line to victory over and over again!

Sport is our melody, our music, the tapestry that weaves us together no matter where we are. Most times, we don’t even know how it lands on our screens, or what it takes to ensure that we experience each sporting moment in real time as a collective.

Imagine if you will, that there was only one camera at a stadium at any given time, no commentators, no crowds cheering the sportsmen on. What would you see? Actually, think about what you wouldn’t see.

It is for these things that would otherwise go unseen, that we hail the men and women behind the scenes of great sporting moments. The ones who ensure we don’t only see it all, but that we feel it all. It’s our turn to shine the spotlight on you and declare that we see you and the work that you do to enable a better future.”

Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers

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