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Netball SA President Warns Privately-Owned Competition

Cecilia Molokwane has issued a strong warning to the organisers of a new privately-owned netball event.

She has said the competition planned for early next year will not go ahead without Netball South Africa’s permission.

The Netball Super League (NSL) has been accused of undermining the sport’s governing body and the NSA President said her organisation has distanced itself from the private event.

“We never endorsed it and they don’t have players,” said Molokwane. “We have the players and they want to use those players and our coaches, but they don’t want to adhere by what we want them to adhere to. The one thing that worries us as Netball SA is that we have said that we want to turn netball professional and now people are saying that they want to turn netball professional. I must say that we are amazed as to why people suddenly want to turn netball professional in their own space. If you want to help us to grow and develop netball‚ come and show us your plan. Say to us this is what we are planning and what we want to do, and we will tell you how things should be done. This is the way it should be done to make sure that it covers everybody, because at the end of the day we want to make sure that our players are well taken care of and they are not abused. You are trying to lure our players because of money. You don’t want to tell us how much you are going to pay them and you don’t want to tell us who are the franchise people and how much they paid for those franchises. We don’t want to turn out like others where we have two entities in a federation. Netball SA are the custodians of netball in this country and we are not going to let anything that is not sanctioned by us to go easily, because you are not going to use our players‚ our coaches and anyone who is registered with NSA.”

Ziyaad Desai‚ who is the Founder and Chief Executive of the NSL‚ said they had fruitful meetings with Gauteng Netball and are not far from getting an endorsement.

“We are currently in negotiations with Gauteng Netball as per Cecilia’s suggestion‚” Desai said. “My last meeting was very positive and it looked like we have reached an endorsement stage. Discussions are positive, but I don’t know why Cecilia would say what she said‚ but then again one has to ask is it only Netball South Africa who can organise netball in SA. We will provide opportunities to over 1000 players and 90 coaches. It is about giving players the opportunity to showcase their talents and breaking down barriers in a country with so much talent.”

Dylan Rogers
Dylan Rogers

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