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Nielsen Sports releases 2022 World Football report

Nielsen Sports has recently completed a 2022 World Football report, which details how to deliver the ultimate World Cup experience and understand how brands, broadcasters and platforms can capitalize on the World Cup and its billion-plus views.

“The entire media ecosystem—from the broadcasters, streamers, and platforms to the brands and rights-holders—needs a precise understanding of who’s watching, how they’re watching, and what they care about across all regions and demographics,” says Jean Willers, Managing Director of Nielsen Sports South Africa. “This report delivers that, helping media players create the ultimate World Cup experience and helping marketers capitalize on the extraordinary content and sponsorship opportunities.”

The report uses data from the global research company’s Nielsen Fan Insights (NFI) syndicated platform, including research from 14 African countries, including South Africa. 

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So, what’s the biggest opportunity for South African companies?

“Ensure you are using data and research to make decisions about your marketing and broadcast strategy,” says Willers. “Understand the viewers, their habits, and their consumption of products and services.”

Speaking of consumption, this World Cup will take place at an interesting time, if one looks at the evolution of sports content consumption, says Willers.

“Our NFI research shows us that multi-screen and multi-platform activities are carried out routinely and at the same time as watching sport,” he says. “These include sending emails, playing online games, taking part in message boards and social media chats, playing fantasy football and other apps, ordering food online, texting, and speaking on the phone. It is not only younger people who do these things, but younger people do it far more often.”

The report is available for download and covers the following topics:

  • Who football fans are
  • How sports viewing has changed
  • What sponsorships resonate
  • Where data is key

Click on this link to access the report – Download Report: Discover what World Cup fans really want.

Alternatively, contact

“The World Cup isn’t just a televised event,” says Willers. “It’s the opportunity for a fully-immersive experience and the savviest broadcasters, brands, and platforms will capitalize by providing content in all the places fans want to consume it.”

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