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Nielsen to Unveil Important Industry Research

Nielsen Sports South Africa is set to host two industry breakfast events over the coming weeks, where it plans to unveil some important research.

The first event takes place at DHL Stadium in Green Point, Cape Town on the 31st of March, starting at 08h30, and will be followed by the Johannesburg event at the Country Club JHB on the seventh of April – also starting at 08h30.

At these breakfast events, Nielsen Sports South Africa will be unpacking Nielsen’s ‘Global Sports Marketing Trends – Fans are Changing the Game’ report and relating it to the South African market.

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Global consumer trends over the last two years have altered how fans interact with each other and with sports properties. Fandom has shifted from large audiences physically together to more remote, yet more engaged, behaviour. Fans have found new ways to build community: chatting, sharing, betting and co-watching.

These changes in fan behavior are driving shifts in both sports sponsorship models and content distribution.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to capitalize on these changes, consider attending either of these events.

Industry members interested in attending either event should email asap and specify which event they would like to attend.

Sport Industry Group
Sport Industry Group

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