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Puma’s beat Bolt sprint goes virtual

The #ForeverFaster PUMA Beat Bolt Sprint is set to go virtual at the FNB Run Your City Series Heritage Day Virtual Run on 24 September.

“The PUMA Beat Bolt Sprint is a firm favourite at all the FNB RYCS events,” says Agne du Plessis, Stillwater Sports Head of Road Running. “We were ecstatic to hear that PUMA wanted it to be included in the Virtual Run. The final 100m of the Virtual Run course will make up the PUMA Beat Bolt Sprint. The RYCS app will tell runners when they have entered the final kilometre of the run. When runners reach the start of the final 100m they will be told to run as fast as they can. Once they reach the 10km or 12km mark (depending on the chosen course) the RYCS app will stop recording and runners will get to view their race splits and finish time.” 

The male and female runner with the fastest time will each take home a R10 000 PUMA ‘Retail Shopping Experience’. There are also additional prizes for runners who complete the sprint in under 15, 20 and 25 seconds.

Additional PUMA Prizes up for grabs: FNB RYCS Heritage Day Virtual Run participants that secure the following sprint times will qualify for discount vouchers instore at PUMA:

Under 15 seconds for 100m: 30% discount off a purchase at the PUMA store
Under 20 seconds for 100m: 20% discount off a purchase at the PUMA store
Under 25 seconds for 100m: 15% discount off a purchase at the PUMA store

Entries Close: 22 September 2020 (midnight)

Enter via:https://runyourcityseries.com/


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