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Rip Curl E-Pro online surf contest opens up

The Rip Curl E-Pro online surf event South Africa has opened up from 32 to 48 surfers.

The tournament is the second in a virtual global series known as the Surf Web Series, which is set to culminate in a global final.

Should the South African leg not receive 48 entries, the event organisers will decide on a suitable contest format based on the number of entries that are received. 

The Rip Curl E-Pro offers a R10,000 first prize and a R5,000 runner-up prize. Red Bull has also stepped in to reward surfers with a R10,000 Red Bull Best Tube Ride award specialty prize.

It is up to surfers to work with videographers and share any prize money that they win. 

In addition to the prize money, Oakley has put up R10,000 worth of eyewear as prizes and the top male and female surfer, as well as their respective videographers, will each receive a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

Additional names to the entries previously published are Shane Sykes, Koby Oberholzer, Simo Mkhize, Scott Venter, Joshe Faulkner, Mitch Du Preez, Gavin Roberts, Brad and Sarah Scott, Karl Steen Luke Thompson, Nate Plomaritis and ZoĆ© Steyn.

The final and complete entry list and the event flow-chart will be released soon.

Surfers who still wish to enter must submit their names to Craig Jarvis on

All entrants are required to submit their first and second round clips by this Saturday, 25 July. A clip can be of any wave under eight feet surfed in South Africa between 1 March 2019 and 25 July 2020.

Any surfer who has entered but does not submit rides in time will be excluded from the draw and the first alternate will take his or her place. Surfers are encouraged to send their first and second round entries as soon as possible. 

The event uses a simple format, with surfers entering one wave (one clip) per heat. Every heat they advance through means that they will have to utilize another wave and another clip to advance further. This is where strategy comes into play, with surfers having to decide where and when to drop their best clips.

Details of the full tour can be found on is the Rip Curl E-Pro media partner. 

For more go to:



Instagram: or @surfopenleague


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