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Team Qhubeka ASSOS Partners with UK Safety App

Team Qhubeka ASSOS has announced its partnership with Busby, the UK’s leading micro-mobility safety app, which was founded in Liverpool.

Busby, launched in November 2019, aims to make bike riding, as well as other sports and activities, safer.

Busby, which as of August 2020, was the only automatic incident response app globally, works with the sensors in your phone to ensure your safety. If a user is involved in an incident the app will begin a 30-second countdown to move or respond, and if there is no movement or response, their exact location is sent to emergency contacts so help can arrive quickly.

In order to prevent incidents, Busby also alerts other nearby road users that a cyclist is nearby to raise awareness. In only a year of operation, Busby’s app has been downloaded by tens of thousands of people in over 85 countries globally. 

The collaboration between Team Qhubeka ASSOS and Busby will see not only the cyclists, but the team behind them, get a free premium Busby subscription, which provides users with additional safety on the roads such as incident detection, incident prevention, near-miss reporting and an SOS Busby flare feature, if a rider needs medical or mechanical support.

“Running a cycling team is like where business is today, a hybrid working environment where you don’t physically see people every single day,” says Douglas Ryder, Founder and Principal of Team Qhubeka ASSOS. “And then when your team or business is built with people and is about high performing individuals, knowing where they are and if they are safe is paramount to them doing their job and us doing ours. This is the reason Team Qhubeka ASSOS is partnering with Busby, the best cycling app for road safety, for both our staff and riders. It gives us peace of mind, our families peace of mind, and makes us more responsive for medical or mechanical assistance.”

Team Qhubeka ASSOS has also announced its partnership with premium cycling shoe brand Gaerne.

It’ll see every single rider across both the Team Qhubeka main line-up and under-23 outfit don the brand.

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