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Titans Announce Partnership with Smart Cricket

The Momentum Multiply Titans have signed a partnership agreement with technology provider Smart Cricket.

Smart Cricket has created a product called BatSense, which is a smart, wearable device that provides real-time, authentic data, capturing every single element of batting. Mounted easily on the top of the bat handle, the device sends data directly to any smartphone. The app also includes features such as a 3D player avatar and video mode that increases the scope for players and coaches to analyse. 

“We are extremely proud to have joined forces with Smart Cricket, who are a revolutionary force in the game,” says Titans Cricket CEO, Jacques Faul. “In such a competitive environment, every advantage that we can get helps, and we think that this technology is a fantastic addition to help our players and coaches.”

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“We are delighted to be partnering with the Titans. Technology will be at the forefront of advancement in sport in the coming years, and with the roll-out of universal usage of our product BatSense in the Titans squad, we can gain far greater insight into player development and output than ever before,” says Smart Cricket Co-Founder and Global Head of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, Steve Selwood. “The Titans have produced some of the most exciting players in world cricket and we have the most exciting technology in world cricket. So, it’s a perfect match-up.”

During the development phase, the BatSense technology captured over four million shots from players across the globe, including data from some of the world’s leading players. 

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