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Video – Heinken Launches New Football Sponsorship Strategy

Heineken has revealed a new direction for its sponsorship in football, making its entire football campaign across both the men’s and women’s game about tackling gender bias affecting both players and fans of the sport.

The global drinks brand aims to evolve its sponsorships in the sport to address the uneven playing field when it comes to gender by highlighting some of the ways that women are unfairly treated.

It’s first move in correcting the gender bias is to address inaccurate statistics present across the internet that are often the source of the prejudice. In a forward-thinking move that challenges the algorithms and search mechanics of key websites, Heineken has unveiled Fresher Football – a new webpage in partnership with GOAL that provides correct responses to the most popular questions asked online about the UEFA Champions League, where answers tend to overlook key data around the women’s game.

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Fresher Football will encourage search engines and fan sites to recognise, amend and change their current information to the accurate answers, regardless of gender.

Heineken will also be partnering with its first women football ambassador, with its partnership with English football legend and broadcaster, Alex Scott.

Sport Industry Group
Sport Industry Group

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