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Video – Team Qhubeka NextHash Launches #QHandUp Campaign

Team Qhubeka NextHash has unveiled its campaign to raise 108 Qhubeka bicycles to honour the 108th edition of the Tour de France.

The team is calling on the public to ‘put their hands up’ for Team Qhubeka NextHash and the Qhubeka charity. Its goal is to raise funding for 108 Qhubeka bicycles during the tour, with the goal to change the lives of 108 children in Africa.

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To get the campaign underway, the team’s eight participating riders all immediately committed to purchase a bicycle each.

How to get involved

  • Donate directly to the #QHandUp campaign
  • Share team imagery and videos across your social media platforms
  • Challenge friends and family to show their support for the team by tagging it in images showing a hand up or by making a donation to Qhubeka
  • Develop your own fundraising campaign to support Qhubeka and Team Qhubeka NextHash
  • Make use of the team’s hashtags so that it can engage and share its message
  • Tag the team: #qhandup

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