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Video – Two Circles Urges Sport to Capitalise on Post-Covid Demand

Two Circles have released findings from a recent digital event hosted for its UK and EMEA clients, calling for sport to embrace innovation to capitalise on post-Covid demand.

The agency says that, while it can’t predict when restrictions will be lifted across the world, it does have data to suggest there will be a ‘pent-up demand’ for sport once they are.

In a new half-hour long spot – The Bounce Back – the agency looks at how that pent-up demand will manifest itself, and what the implications are for sports rights-owners.

The clip here shows CEO Gareth Balch explaining that those rights-owners who innovate around experiences, and who communicate better than ever – not those who stick to tradition – will be the ones who lead the ‘Bounce Back’ once restrictions are lifted.

Sport Industry Group
Sport Industry Group

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