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Video – Women’s Sports Stars Launch New Media Platform

US sports stars Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird have launched a new sports and lifestyle company for women’s sport, named ‘Togethxr’.

It’s aimed at promoting the stories and voices of women across the sector.

The four – all Olympic medallists – say the new venture will give a platform to women involved in elite sport, telling their stories as well as touching on other areas such as culture, fashion and wellness.

Created specifically for Gen Z and millennial women, and on the back of a report which shows that women’s sport makes up less than 5% of sports coverage, even though women make up almost half of all participants in sport.

In a launch statement, the four said: “We want to be champions for every young woman who dares to dream, whose ambition deserves celebration, whose potential is powerful, and whose path is covered in the glass she shatters. There’s never been a place dedicated to her story…. We got tired of waiting for someone to build it. So we did.”

Sport Industry Group
Sport Industry Group

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