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2021 Hollard Daredevil Run Postponed

The 2021 Hollard Daredevil Run has been postponed to September.

Held annually in March, the event sees thousands of Gauteng’s most daring males “running cancer outta town” in purple speedos, in a five-kilometre fun run that aims to raise awareness about male cancers.

Last year’s event took place just prior to the country being plunged into lockdown, but given the current Covid-19 restrictions and the status of the pandemic, Hollard has decided to move this year’s Daredevil Run from March.

“Postponing our Daredevil Run means keeping us all safer. But this does not mean that our commitment to cancer awareness is postponed. And neither should yours be”, says Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Hollard.

While the topic of cancer is serious, the Daredevil Run uses much-needed humour to promote disease awareness.

“The beauty of this event is that it challenges men to get out of their comfort zone – literally! It’s a platform to confront this disease head-on and show men that they can be ballsy about tackling prostate and testicular cancer,” says Brauer.

Proceeds are donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa and The Prostate Cancer Foundation, with PSA testing facilities available at the run each year.

By the time last year’s run was complete, over 20,000 tests had been conducted over the previous five years of the Daredevil Run. Hundreds of abnormalities have been detected as a result, potentially helping to save the lives of hundreds of men.

“The survival rate in men whose prostate cancer is picked up early is 95%. We encourage men not to allow the current pandemic to prevent them from being tested,” says Brauer.

While prostate cancer screening is important in men over the age of 40, testicular cancer can occur in teenagers and older men alike and is one of the more common cancers in younger men. A testicular self-examination can play a vital part in catching this disease in its earliest stages.

For more information, visit https://prostate-ca.co.za/ and https://cansa.org.za/.

Also, follow the Daredevil Run on Facebook.

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