Wayja SM Content August 2020
New Betting Platform ‘Wayja’ Launches

A newly-launched South African betting platform aims to challenge the way we bet online and change the way we bet our peers.

Wayja is a social betting platform that allows users to bet anyone they choose on virtually anything they can think of. That’s whether it be the outcome of the football match you’re watching on TV, or the result of a random dispute to prove who’s right.

“Everybody loves that feeling of winning bragging rights over your peers,” says Wayja Founder and CEO, Reece Jacobsen. “We see countless bets being placed in everyday situations between friends, colleagues and counterparts. If you’ve ever been in an office pool on Superbru, Fantasy League or Golf Champs, or if you’re tired of making bets with your mates and never getting paid – then this is for you. Wayja is there to make social betting simple, quick and cashless.”

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The web start-up launches in an era of unprecedented growth for the betting industry in South Africa, with the local betting market expected to be worth in excess of R11bn by 2023. As the informal betting market grows, Wayja aims to capitalise on an exploding peer-to-peer market.

“We’re trusting that this growing need for a cashless peer-to-peer betting platform will be serviced by Wayja and I’m excited to evolve and develop the platform alongside our early adopters and users,” says Jacobsen.

You can follow @LetsWayja on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and register for Wayja at wayja.me.

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