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SWD Cricket adopts new brand name

The representative teams of South Western Districts will in future be known as the Six Gun Grill Garden Route Badgers. 

This brand name was adopted at the Annual General Meeting held in Oudtshoorn on 30 July.

“In the professional era of sport, a strong and unique brand is an essential part of increasing our commercial capacity, and we are excited that this step will enhance this specific strategic pillar,” said SWD Cricket CEO Albertus Kennedy. “In the adopted brand strategy, the key differentiators were identified to be small, but resourceful, and the ability to create more from less. We are driven to achieve excellence across all facets of the union’s responsibility. SWD Cricket has proven structures across administration and governance, team performance, talent nurturing and talent identification. The brand positioning statement is to be resourceful, play relentlessly and stay ambitious!”

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“This is an awesome brand and we are so proud that Six Gun can be associated with the Garden Route Badgers”, said John Morris, MD of the Crown Foods Group, of which Six Gun Grill is a product.

“We are very proud to conclude this historic milestone in our history and we as a cricket fraternity are excited that SWD Cricket will reach new heights as the Garden Route Badgers,” said SWD Cricket President Rudy Claassen.

Sport Industry Group
Sport Industry Group

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