Video – MATTA and Ritzy Animation Collaborate for R&A golf campaign

The new global project, ‘Golf is Good’, is being piloted in Wales in partnership with Wales Golf – building on recent scientific medical research, to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of playing the sport, through creative storytelling.

Using an animated film, produced by London-based animation studio Ritzy Animation, the campaign tells the story of how three characters from different backgrounds are inspired to give golf a try, and subsequently go on to reap the mental, physical and social benefits – with research revealing that golfers, on average, live five years longer than non-golfers.

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The initiative, endorsed by the British Heart Foundation, respected medical professional Dr Andrew Murray and The University of Edinburgh, will run across Wales this UK summer, ahead of a wider global roll-out, to encourage new and lapsed golfers into the sport.

Matt Hunt, Executive Brand & Strategy Director at MATTA, said: “The interesting challenge in this brief was to present the huge variety of ways in which golf can improve your health, in a manner that will connect with a varied and international audience. We proposed animation because it has that power to engage people around the world – both emotionally and rationally – and we’re so excited to see how far these characters will go in spreading the word about golf’s remarkable health benefits.”

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